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How to better protect your furry friend during car rides

Dogs are great companions for car rides long or short, but their safety is not always treated the same as human safety is. Many dogs go for car rides without any constraints at all, giving them freedom to move wherever they like. But what if their driver stops short, or is involved in an accident? Then there is a great risk to the animal’s safety, which nobody wants for their pet. Keeping your pet safe is a priority, after all, they are man’s best friend.

Since bringing a dog along for a car ride is common practice today, many municipalities have made law about restraining a dog while in the car. Now the law varies from place to place, and to find the law for your area, you would probably have to look online. Some states do not practice dog constraint laws, but others do. There are other laws regarding leaving unattended pets in a parked car and driving with a dog on your lap, but again this law varies from place to place. Learn more about some of these laws here.

Triple AAA suggests certain security measures be taken to ensure the dog’s safety. This includes restraining your dog, especially for long distance car rides. Also, they stress the importance of putting your pooch in the backseat because an airbag’s force could kill your beloved pet. Some smaller dogs could even go flying if the car is stopped short enough or in a serious enough accident, in which the driver, other passengers, and the dog are at a greater risk.

To read more about what Triple AAA suggests, click here.

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