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All about the Move Over Law: Why it’s so important

The Move Over Law has become common in a large amount of states across the country over the past decade or so. But what exactly is the Move Over Law? And why is it so important?

The Move Over Law states that if there is an emergency or maintenance vehicle with emergency lights or amber lights stationary on the side of the road or on the shoulder, motorists are required to move over a lane to give the vehicles and people more space. If it is not possible to move over a lane, or if it is unsafe, you are required to slow down to a reasonable speed in which it would be safe to pass the vehicles and workers/emergency personal present.

This law was enacted in many states to ensure the safety of emergency personnel and maintenance workers so that they can carry out their duties in a safer environment. California is one of the states that has the Move Over Law. To learn more about the Move Over Law in California, click here.

This law is extremely important to everyone’s safety including your own. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes on the road. So, next time you see a stationary vehicle with emergency or amber flashing lights, be sure to move over, and let them safely do their job.

To read about Triple AAA’s article on the slow down/move over laws, click here.

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